Continental Shelf Programme

Welcome to the Shelf Programme

Welcome to the web site of the Continental Shelf Programme.

The Continental Shelf Programme is coordinated by GRID-Arendal in Norway and was established to assist developing States and Small Island Developing States (SIDS) to complete the activities required to delineate the outer limits of their continental shelf. States are faced with the costly and complex work of data identification, collection, analysis and submission preparation. Due to limited technical and financial capacity many developing States and SIDS will not be able to complete the submission process without considerable external support, both technical and financial. Technical support is directly offered by the Continental Shelf Programme in addition to assistance related  to identifying and accessing potential sources of funding to support the work process.

The Continental Shelf programme has been actively engaged with over 60 States worldwide. We have provided assistance with awareness raising and training, in addition to providing support in identifying, collecting or analysing existing data. Regional and national training workshops have been implemented by the Continental Shelf Programme and partners helping to build technical capacity related to the delineation process.


One Stop Datashop

The Continental Shelf Programme has developed a One Stop Data Shop (OSDS) for use by coastal states preparing a submission delineating the outer limits of their continental shelf.

The OSDS consists of a global geospatial and metadata inventory of marine geophysical and geological data including:

  • Global marine multibeam and singlebeam bathymetry
  • Global marine digital and analogue mutlichannel and single channel seismic profiles (reflection and refraction)
  • Borehole locations
  • Marine sediment samples
  • Marine petrological samples
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